Who were John & Jane Bull in 1911?

Training day for Kent teachers

How has your local community changed over the past 100 years?

BredgarPupils taking part in the census 2011 project will use their local area to explore the characteristic features of Edwardian times. To help schools plan a local study we are offering teachers the opportunity on Thursday 28th April 2011 to join us and take part in a village study in the picturesque village of Bredgar.

To support this day a training workshop is being held at Minterne Junior School Sittingbourne on Tuesday 29th March 2011. During the workshop teachers will have the opportunity to view the digital resources published on The National Archives, Heritage Explorer, Find my Past and BFI websites and a “Hands on” session on how pupils can use the excellent suite of E2BN Tools including Making the News 2 and Discovery Box to publish and share their work with others. In addition, all present will be shown how to use the popular JANET Desktop Videoconferencing system to take part in an online conference with staff from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

Bredgar Past and Present – Thursday 28th (April) 2011

Activity: Write and publish a short report about “Bredgar 1911 to 2011”

The village study will be taking place in the picturesque village of Bredgar on Thursday 28th April 2011. Led by Ian Coulson and Phil Bracegirdle the day will be an opportunity for teachers and groups of 6 pupils to find out what the village looked like 100 years ago? To investigate the past pupils will spend the day in the school, church and main street studying buildings, architecture, roads and land use.

St Lawrence WoodsFollowing the activity day pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a JANET Desktop video conference with Ian Coulson and Marion Green from the Canterbury Archaeologist Trust. Lasting 30 minutes these sessions will be an opportunity for pupils to view a range of historical artifacts and everyday objects from the late Victorian/Early Edwardian period. To further assist with the writing task all pupils will also have regular opportunities to blog and develop their reports with the well known children’s story writer Stewart Ross.

Publishing and sharing our learning with others

At the end of the project all schools will be expected to publish a media report about the day on the Making the News 2 website. Lasting between 3-5 minutes the “10 o’clock news style report” will include short video clips created and edited by the pupils.

Term 6

Following the completion of the project schools will be expected in Term 6 to repeat the activity in their own local community. To find out which schools are taking part in the project and what their pupils will be doing visit the Census 2011 Kent Schools Discovery Box. There inside the box you will be able to view the lesson plans, activities and resources each school has uploaded.

If you have never used Discovery Box then click here to download the User Guide and to register your school.

How can my school take part in Kent census 2011 Training Day?

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