The National Monuments Record

The National Monuments Record (NMR) provides online teaching and learning resources based on the photographs and records held in our archive.

Our Heritage Explorer website gives teachers and learners access to over 8,000 easily searchable images, dating from the 1850s to the present day, including historic views of daily life, aerial photography and modern images of listed buildings.

You can select these images easily by going straight to Images by Theme on the website. The images are accompanied by a wide range of teaching activities including classroom-ready lessons for your interactive whiteboard; engaging interactives to inform and motivate pupils and much, much more!

Why not try a ‘search’ to find images of Edwardian people at home, work and play?

All of these online resources are FREE and copyright cleared for classroom use.

Teachers can also order their own Aerial Photographs Pack for use in the classroom – which contains five high quality aerial photographs of their chosen location.