Finding out more about the census

Census: The Expert Guide
by Peter Christian & David Annal
Format: Paperback Date of publication: September 2008
Publisher: The National Archives ISBN: 9781905615346 £14.99

A compelling up to the minute guide to using the census in your family history research with tips on how to make the most of the newly released 1911 census online.

Written by a bestselling genealogy author and a National Archives expert, Census: The Expert Guide, shows how to interpret intricate details of your ancestors’ lives. It explores how and why information was gathered on names, addresses, family relationships and occupations, revealing why ‘mysteries’ occur and what may be hidden between the lines. It traces the unique features of the newly released 1911 census – the first to feature our ancestor’s handwriting, investigate ‘fertility in marriage’ and be disrupted by Suffragettes – as well as the personalities and procedures that brought the early censuses to life.

Census: The Expert Guide also considers online access to the returns in detail, from free data and search techniques to the problem of transcription errors. A tour of key census websites – including information on the 1911 digitization – reveals the most useful websites and best quality images, as well as the experts’ techniques for approaching original records, microfilm, CDs and DVDs.

Complete with contemporary photographs, screen-shots and intriguing case studies, Census: The Expert Guide is an invaluable guide to this unique historical resource.

Authors: Peter Christian is author of the bestselling The Genealogist’s Internet, published by The National Archives. A Fellow of the Society of Genealogists and former editor of Computers and Genealogy, he has written widely about online genealogy and is highly regarded in the field. David Annal, an expert on census and other family history records, has worked at The National Archives and the Family Records Centre since 1998. He is the author of the very successful Easy Family History, published by The National Archives.