Video and Web conferencing opportunities

“Video conferencing gives pupils live access to the world outside the classroom”

During the census 2011 project schools will have frequent opportunities to participate in online workshops led by Education Officers on a range of topics that will include:

  • What was life like in Edwardian England
  • A Victorian Child
  • Researching my Family Tree
  • Using the Census

Details of all planned conferences will appear on this page and in the “Forthcoming Events” session.

Please note: Sessions will be booked for both JVCS Desktop and FlashMeeting users. Details about both conferencing systems are included below. If you have not used web or video conferencing in the classroom before please click on the Help Links.

JVCS Desktop

JVCS Desktop is available to registered users of the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS). It allows users to participate in a booked videoconference from a desktop or laptop PC without having to use a hardware-based endpoint (CODEC). JVCS Desktop uses the popular Tandberg application called ConferenceMe.  This allows schools and pupils to join a high quality video conference using either a standard webcam or Polycam.

Click here to visit JVCS website

Click here for JVCS Desktop Help (pdf)

What is Flashmeeting?

FlashMeeting is a simple and safe web conferencing application that allows schools in and outside the United Kingdom to meet. All meetings are pre-booked by a registered user and a url, containing a unique password for the meeting, is returned by the FlashMeeting server. The ‘booker’ will then e-mail this to all the participants in the conference who will then click on the link to enter the meeting at the arranged time.

Click here for FlashMeeting Help

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